Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Busy Week in the CCM


I had a busy week. We went to Caral on Monday, which is the second oldest civilization in the world. A lot of people think that it could be the ruins of the ancient Jaredites. It wasn’t that much fun because it was a 3 hour bus ride both ways, and I’m not that into archeological proof for the Book of Mormon. It is cool to say that I’ve been there though.

So we are no longer the noobies in the CCM anymore because we got 40 new missionaries today! 20 left and we got 40 so there are a lot more missionaries here now.

Last Saturday was my first time proselytizing! It was crazy we went to Lima North. Los Pinos was the name of the area, and I promise Camron must have served there. It was crazy exciting and scary. First off Lima North Mission area, or anywhere in Lima, is very different than the US. I saw about 15 stray dogs everywhere, and Peruvian dogs are not cute. I also saw other things that I won’t describe to my mother--nothing too bad. I promise. Haha. But everyone who is a beginner normally gets an advanced American companion and a member from the ward to go out with. But I got an intermediate 2 weeker comp and no member!!! So it was just me and another elder out in Lima for 6 hours preaching the word. Long story short, our assignment was to talk to less active families and we only had one on our list, and they just told us to come back later. So we walked around doing street contacts until we ran into the hermanas of the mission. Then they hooked us up with a member and we went to some more “less active” members houses. It was cool.

We watch a lot of Mormon message type videos here in the CCM, but there is one that I have seen 4 times now. It is one with Elders Erying and Holland talking. Elder Eyring talks about how when he thinks he has done some hard thing and want to take a rest he thinks of Christ and the atonement and how Christ after going through the atonement didn’t stay in heaven and sleep, but he came back to us. Holland ask repeatedly. Why is it so hard? Why is missionary work so hard? Why don’t more people want to get baptized? It is great. He answers that it is because it wasn’t easy for Christ, and it wont be easy for us. (I know I don’t need to ask mom, because she will do it, but search for the video Holland why is it so hard and watch it and put it on my blog.) I love you!

More about the comp. His name is Elder Max Shreiner. He’s 18 and a recent grad like me from Springville, Utah. He was a star athlete in football and basketball, which he played on the varsity team on as a sophomore. He’s super humble. On our first real day during orientation for all of the new missionaries, one of the CCM ward leaders recognized him, and it turned out to be a guy from his ward. Anyways in front of everyone this leader, Elder Hill (he’s on a senior mission), talks about how great Elder Shreiner is and how he is an amazing athlete, but super humble and a great example at the same time. He was so embarrassed. It was super funny. Really, though he is awesome, and we work really good together. He’s just a boss. He makes me look short and small in the pictures. Haha. He is a goofy kid, and we are always cracking jokes.

I’m doing great. I love you all.  Thanks for the emails and love,

Elder Nicholas Walker

Here is a picture from the temple last week. The computers still aren’t working right, and it’s kind of frustrating. I swear it is a problem that Camron could fix in like 15 minutes though.

My district. From left to right are Elders Tolman, White, Shreiner, Benally, and Bishop. Then Hermanas Mason, Loyaza and Reynold. Tolman and White are going to Huancayo, and the others are going to Trujjo. We are all really good friends.

Hermana Loyaza is our teacher and she is the best!! Unfortunaltely, she is so good that because so many new missionaries are coming she is teaching them. So now we have a teacher that speaks no English!!


Elder Shreiner and I at Caral.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Worry Mom!



I'm doing great in the CCM. My District is sweet, and we have all already become great friends. I'll send you a pic of us at the temple. Today is my P-day but I'm writing at 4 my time because the computer system in the computer lab is down. Normally I'll be writting at 2. 

Peru is great and I'll start with the most important thing and thing I was most worried about: the food. It's honestly pretty great and not that bad. The juice is amazing and so is the fruit. The rice pudding and churros are also good. The rumors are true though, and there is rice served with every meal. 

Since I've been here, I have tried to adapt the the changes. It's not the strongest that survive, but those who adapt to their environment the fastest and best. And there are a lot of changes!! My companion is Elder Schreiner from Utah, but can't remember from what city but it's by Provo. He's super cool. During the day, I mostly study Spanish and gospel princples in Spanish. I also pray a lot! Dad was right!! We are learning super fast, and I am aready supposed to know how to pray and bear my testimony in Spanish, which I can pretty much do. I'm also reading my Book of Mormon in English and I'm on page 200. I've memorized the missionary objective in Spanish and almost have the first vision in Spanish. 

Lima's weather is a lot like Cali in the winter, constantly foggy and damp and humid, but pleasant. I have yet to see the sun and barely see any blue in the sky. Also, it's winter so it gets dark early.

For the most part I haven't been that homesick. I think its because of the enormous challenge of leaning Spanish, reading the BoM, and really becoming a student of the gospel. The nights are the hardest, but when I get frustrated and overwhelmed, I think of how Camron was in these exact same walls struggling with this language and change. And of how Chloe and her with her emotions made it through the MTC and Argentina and learned the language. So thanks you Chloe y Camron!! Also, I ate some of Bro J's cookies on the plane and some my first few days here. The cookies along with my blankey from the Pendletons made me feel right at home. 

One think that's annoying is that as soon as I got here I actually had a super strong desire to preach the gospel to others, but I can't because of the massive barrier that is the Spanish language. That feeling motivates me. Anyways, I'm doing great.


The better looking Elder Walker 

Scratch that the Best looking Elder Walker

PS I only get 30 min because the system is down, but thanks everyone for the letters. I'm going to take a picture and read them. I'll try and reply next week. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm Alive!


So an Elder counted 35 missionaries on the flight from Atlanta to Lima. We basically took over the whole plane. I only have 5 minutes so I'm saying I'm alive and that's about it. We got to the CCM really late at about 2 am, but I looked and we went to bed around 3. My companion is from Utah and he's cool. He is an athletic football type so we get along. For breakfast we had eggs, cheese rolls, and some yogurt stuff. It was pretty good. The juice is super fresh that was the best part. Okay love you! ttly