Monday, October 26, 2015

Swim Through the Pain

Thanks mom for the pics. I spent all of my time writing Chloe and Joe. I kind of got mad at Chloe. Because I won't lie I did get mad this week. Initially, I was in shock and happy for Chloe. I'm still happy for her and Joe, but it wasn't fair what she did to Marc and I. She could have given us more of a heads up. I just wanted a little more from his email and from her. Now I feel bad because I was a little mean in my replies. I don't know...

Internet has been sooooo weird lately. I don't know what to say. I love you. I was going to send pictures, but I let another missionary borrow my converter and now I have no time. Ahhh...I wish we could just talk for like an hour. That would be nice, but the day will come soon enough. 

I feel like I'm at the 3rd length in the 100 breast race at regionals. I've gone strong for the first half and it's not the last length yet to sprint and go all out, but it's the lap you just have to fight through the pain. I try not to count the cost, but it's hard some times. I think it was Dougie that talked about pain and having to love it and push through it. Swim through the pain. At the same time it's like I've breathed in a breath of water and now it's even harder swim through the pain while choking. ahhh. I'm fine though. I can't be two places at once and I'm happy with being here. I don't want to be anywhere else. I just try to focus at the job at hand. 

Love you!

Elder Walker

Monday, October 19, 2015

Crazy Week

(ONE GIANT SIGH) Wow! Crazy week at home!

First, say happy birthday day to Jack for me. Second, how is Marcus doing? What happend to his companion? Did he go home? Third, my Christmas package, I would like some of those like picture scripture marker things for my scriptures in English. I had those when I was younger and started to put them in. I'd like to finish, so I'm going to start to read my scriptures in English again and want those. 

Okay, also I want to make some goals mom to end my mission. I was wondering what goals you think I could make to improve as a missionary and just as person. I don't know maybe you can ask Camron, Dad, and Chloe what they would do differently in their missions. I've set the goal to read DyC, the Pearl of great price, and the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament. Also, to write more in my journal and to send better emails home. What else? And finally Mom: WHEN ARE CHLOE AND JOE GOING TO GET MARRIED? And what are your thoughts on that? You seem to just have mentioned it, and then moved on. You seem fine? Are you? How are Dad and Camron? 2 weeks ago my sister was sad and never getting married, and now she's engaged. I'm sorry, but that's a lot to process. Transfers are tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens.

I'm super happy for Marcus. I swear I think of the coolest stuff to write you mom, but then I sit down in the cyber and forget. 

I'm reading the book of Daniel, and I had a bunch of cool thoughts to share but now there is no time. I dont really need anything else just the stuff I said and the scripture picture markers of the BoM, DyC and Bible. Love you guys.

Elder Walker

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kraps this Week


I know you probably think I'm writting some big, huge, profound letter but really I've just been sitting here for about 20 minutes thinking about what I want to write. I am completely shocked from your letter................. I'm trying to process it right now, but can't... Anyways, here is a picture of me with some kraps I found in Peru... Just to make us laugh. haha.

I will start with my week and a few things I need or want. Question: I want to know where Marcus is exactly I have a friend here, a member, who will go to Chile, Santiago, soon. How is he doing too with the training? How is his comp?

My week was good. I went to be with Elder Viñola again and we were in his area for the divisions. He is from Bolivia and a super cool guy. One of the coolest part about being a zone leader is getting to know so many good missionaries and being able to serve them. Also, their pensionista is sweet and fed me fried chicken, mac n cheese, then pancakes in the morning. So all good there.

We ended up not going to Huanvevilica this week because the investigator wasn't ready and will probably have to go down there this week. We will see though because we already are going to do divisions with Pampas. On top of that our zone training is tomorrow. This is also the last week of the transfer. Crazy

This week I will complete 15 months on the mission. President told me that I will also go home earlier than my 28th of June date but not sure by how much. Probably 2 weeks which would mean I only have 8 months left. But we will see. I might want to go home with Marc and will explore that option.

Okay. What do Dad, Camron and Chloe say? Does Chloe know he asked for her hand in marriage? It is crazy to me that I have not heard nor read Joes name for 15 months on my mission only to come to internet one day to find out that he wants to marry my sister. It shocks me. I'm not mad. This is just shocking. 

I know that God loves us. You already gave yourself the best advice. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Everything will work out. Love You!

Elder Walker

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Dearest Family!

Thanks for the fantastic letter Mom. I agree I’m a lot different than I was 1 year ago, but I’m also more aware of how far I have to go. We went on a big hike yesterday and weren't able to do internet until today. I hope you didn't worry too much. We had a good week.

On P Day we climbed Huaytapallana to the glacier that is there. We were at about 16000 which is close to the elevation at base camp of Mount Everest. It is higher than any mountain in the U.S. and probably the highest I will ever be in my life. The views were breathtaking (and not just because I literally could not breathe) and I will try to send you as many photos as I can. 

On top of the mountain sits a glacier that is awesome, and there are three small lakes the color blue with a hint of emerald green. On top yes it was hard to breath but going down is what gave my a huge head ache. 

I used all my time sending pictures. Love you! Hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Walker