Monday, October 19, 2015

Crazy Week

(ONE GIANT SIGH) Wow! Crazy week at home!

First, say happy birthday day to Jack for me. Second, how is Marcus doing? What happend to his companion? Did he go home? Third, my Christmas package, I would like some of those like picture scripture marker things for my scriptures in English. I had those when I was younger and started to put them in. I'd like to finish, so I'm going to start to read my scriptures in English again and want those. 

Okay, also I want to make some goals mom to end my mission. I was wondering what goals you think I could make to improve as a missionary and just as person. I don't know maybe you can ask Camron, Dad, and Chloe what they would do differently in their missions. I've set the goal to read DyC, the Pearl of great price, and the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament. Also, to write more in my journal and to send better emails home. What else? And finally Mom: WHEN ARE CHLOE AND JOE GOING TO GET MARRIED? And what are your thoughts on that? You seem to just have mentioned it, and then moved on. You seem fine? Are you? How are Dad and Camron? 2 weeks ago my sister was sad and never getting married, and now she's engaged. I'm sorry, but that's a lot to process. Transfers are tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens.

I'm super happy for Marcus. I swear I think of the coolest stuff to write you mom, but then I sit down in the cyber and forget. 

I'm reading the book of Daniel, and I had a bunch of cool thoughts to share but now there is no time. I dont really need anything else just the stuff I said and the scripture picture markers of the BoM, DyC and Bible. Love you guys.

Elder Walker