Monday, August 3, 2015


It has been a crazy week Mom! First off its crazy awesome that Hermana Johnson wrote you and yes she was right I’m in Peñaloza here in Huancayo what she didn’t say is that I’m here serving as a zone leader. 

Last Monday Elder Grandstaff and I went out for P day and went shopping and bought some ice cream. We went back to the room and he was actually coping some photos to his USB on our little DVD player when I passed out on my bed. I woke up to the phone ringing to see President’s name appear on the screen. I panicked a bit. I answered and President asked me to be a zone leader. I asked him if he was sure and he said well yeah elder walker you’re obedient, hardworking, etc. The point is is that I was caught completely off guard. It was and still is hard to believe. Not that being a zone leader means I’m cool or anything (obviously I’m not), it’s just it is a responsibility I didn't think I was going to have so soon in the mission and without being a district leader or anything. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday I said goodbye to everyone in Villa Rica. It was super sad. I had to say goodbye not only to Villa Rica, friends, converts, and my companion but to the entire jungle as well. I miss it. I already miss the green, the heat, and the humidity—crazy but I like the humidity. (My lips are killing me now and my skin just feels weird and dry. My lips are peeling). Elder Grandstaff stayed in Villa Rica and Elder Pizarro came to replace me. I’ll miss him a lot but it will be good for him to have a latino companion so he has to speak all Spanish.

First off I’m so tired and still haven't unpacked all of my stuff. We have had a lot to do for transfers. In our Zone it includes Pampas (two hours away from Huancayo) and Huancavelica (3 hours away). Then we have 6 Hermanas and two other elderes in our district here in Huancayo. There are four zones in Huancayo ours is called la zona Huancayo. I’ll get to go to Huancavelica though. I remember Camron telling me I’d serve there and that he has a convert from there. My comp is Elder Carhuaricra if you have a hard time saying it, that’s fine because I did too. He is from Lima and is 24. He has 3 months more than me in the mission and only has one transfer here in our area and as a zone leader. Like he told me we will be learning a lot together.

We live about 5 minutes from the mission office. So it’s pretty close—that’s cool. I have a bunch of pictures saying good bye in Villa Rica and a few with my new comp.

Love you,

Elder Walker
Pensionista and her family in Villa Rica

My snakes :) In the mission, girls who follow the missionaries around, stalking them, are sometimes called snakes. Missionaries have to beware of the snakes! However, these are my two snakes, my pensionista's two sweet granddaughters.

Goodbye to E Grandstaff
New comp. Elder Carhuaricra

This is a girl I taught in Cerro. Good to see her baptized :)