Monday, August 17, 2015

Torre Torre and Bautismo


I'm doing great. It has been a crazy week. I had my first zone meeting which was crazy, we did divisions in Pampas, and we had two baptisms this week (Beatriz and Karen). First off, the zone meeting was crazy because we had the interview for the Hna Beatriz. Long story short we sent Hna Beatriz and one of the hermanas from our zone to the office of president, so we thought it was fine. But then we got a call to go to the office to call, more like an order. So we had to leave the zone and go to the office. We got back like an hour later, and the zone was tired and grumpy and we had to cut our training. It went ok. I was a little nervous and felt like my comp and I weren’t on the same page. I hate being cliche with the trainings, as well. It stinks because we cant do like a power point or anything. I want to plan the next one better. Any ideas? I want it NOT to be boring, and maybe do something active, like hands on training or practice.

Beatriz and Karen. First the photo below, I made the mistake of not inviting someone else to stand in the photo (I have been careful Chloe). As a result it might look like a double date, but I promise that that wasn't the case. They are real converts. This foto also turned out the best, so I wanted you to have it. There names are Beatriz and Karen. They are a family of 10. Those two are the oldest siblings of 8 children 6 girls 2 boys. They have 3 sisters who are already members. Right now we are working with the parents Fernando and Rosa. They are a super cool family. I am a little scared to talk more about them though just because it seems like whenever I tell you about someone they stop progressing. But they are super cool. They parents yesterday accepted a baptism date for the end of Sept.  They are super sweet. In Beatriz I saw how much the gospel has changed her life and how much happiness repentance truly gives us. And Karen the younger one (18) wants to serve a mission.

Moving on, divisions went well. HEY MOM, I need more money. Now that I'm in huancayo I don't need packages because I can pretty much just buy anything I want. For example, they sell Tabasco sauce. How great is that! But, please just put more money in my account. And 2 hey I want to see some pics of you guys! I’m sending a bunch to you, and thanks for the one of Marc. But send me some. 


I saw the pics of Kaleb and his parents in Japan. CRAZY! 

Last Pday we hiked to a place called Torre Torre