Monday, December 7, 2015

New Companion

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! You got my package. Elder Bradford is seriously the best guy! Please tell him thanks for me and take him out to eat or something because it was no small task. Tell Camron that the package is for you so when you get it mom, you can open it. I hope you like everything I got and sorry for not giving you anything my whole mission! What kind of son am I?! Seriously though I will send more small letters home. The problem is just finding time. Anyways tell Elder Bradford thanks.

SOOOOO...... It's hard to believe but Elder Gonzales had transfers, and I stayed here in Peñaloza! 6 months! 3 comps! here in Peñaloza. Like my new comp says I don't just know everyone here in the ward Peñaloza but I know everyone in the neighboring ward Chilca, too (we share a building). It's pretty funny. I would say I wanted to leave a little bit, but having Elder Bullock as my comp is like a dream come true. He is the definition of a BOSS. He survived Cerro de Pasco twice. He is a marine. He is a great guy. Hard working. He was trainging in Cerro before he was here. He like me has never been a district leader or anything, but went straight to zone leader. I am training him as a zone leader. He has 14 months in the mission. He is from pleasant grove Utah. He is 21 years old. We get along great. So needless to say transfers were pretty crazy. 

This week has been a fun, crazy week. It has been funny to watch Elder Bullock go from Carhuamayo (city right outside of Cerro, known as the worst area in the whole mission. 10 people go to church) to Huancayo. It has been a nice change though, after being here with Elder Gonzales so long. We will have a lot of fun and will be together for Christmas and New Years. 

The work is good. We are working with a lot of new investigators and actually had 5 go to church. The problem is that they don't have a date for baptism and the ones that do didn't go to church. So we keep working with them and some less actives. We are also planning an activity to do with the stake in Pampas. Apart from that we are planning the Christmas Conference for all the missionaries and our zone meeting. So we are busy with everything. Not as busy you, Mom, but still busy. I like it though. Stuco prepared me for planning activities, and we should have a lot of fun. 

Love you all. Mom, thanks for explaining the 12 tribes of Israel to me. What day is the wedding?

Elder Walker

Good bye to Elder Gonzales
New Comp. Elder Bullock

Elder Bullock