Monday, November 24, 2014

Staying in Cerro


So yeah, I got my new comp on Wednesday: Elder Thatcher! He is super cool. He is from Dallas, Texas, and only has one more transfer than I do. He came from Huanuco and was companions with Elder Cook, that is Huxford’s and Stubb’s Elder Cook. He loves to golf and got 2nd in the entire state of Texas in high school his senior year. He is hard working and happy which is cool and doesn’t complain. He does, however, point out how much Cerro sucks compared to his last area and that is kind of funny because Cerro is all I know. In his last area he ate French Toast, cupcakes, brownies, and way good food. Here we eat Caldo de Gallina every night—and I'm not exaggerating—every night! But he is cool. He tells me his family is super rich. He is kinda of like you mom and all of his brothers are older.

Right now we are still working with Elizabeth and she came to church again and I am really hopeful that she will get baptized not this week but the next Saturday. She is super cool and says that she has already received an answer, and she is super ready. We are working with other families as well. I sent a picture of the Familia M. They have some work. He is an RM, the dad, and the mom is an investigator and they aren’t married, but that little girl Eva is the cutest thing ever. 

Like you said missionary work is like fishing—takes a lot of patience and you don’t always catch anything. It’s been especially hard here because the work has been slow. But yeah I like that about fishing and will think about that this week. One thing that I've realized is that missionary work is hard, but it’s hard because that’s the only way we can develop into the person God wants us to be. There is a story in Ether about the Jaredites crossing the sea. It talks about how the Lord sent them fierce winds and storms and in chapter 6 vs 5, its says that these things pushed them towards the promise land. I love that. Some times our struggles push us where we want to go. Kinda like the scripture you shared with me about experience. I never understood the quote by JFK talking about going to the moon—I think and he says that we do not do these things because they are easy but we do them because they are hard. I understand this now. everything that is worth anything requires hard work. LOVE YOU.

Elder Walker

New companion--Elder Thatcher