Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Alive


First things first, I got my packages!!!!! It was a nice Halloween present, and I was so happy. I have lots of snacks and won’t have to worry about food for a while. But seriously such a relief to get stuff from home. Thanks so much! 
This week started off kinda bad and turned into a great week. First yeah, I was sick with a stomach ache from the fish and and cold like I told you about last week. On Wednesday, the day I felt the worst, we were in a lesson with a member teaching a less active family. During the lesson my stomach progressively hurt worse and worse until it was unbearable, almost. But we talked about sacrifice with the familia Sacorius and the importance of going to church and the blessings that will follow. I bore my testimony of how it was a sacrifice to leave my family and be here and speak Spanish then asked the Hermano Manuel to share his testimony. He gave such a powerful testimony of sacrifice and love. He described the death of his wife and other hard things in his life that had happened. He's my hero. After the lesson I walked outside a few steps then threw up. But then none of them came to church. So frustrating! I’ve had to accept what Bro Johnson told me that everyone has their agency and we can’t get down when others choose to exercise theirs.

Then, we had stake conference. It was great Hna. and Prs. Henderson spoke, so that was cool. And then on Sunday night we went to Huanuco for a multi-zona. So that is why we are having P day a day late because yesterday we had a conference. One thing that was cool was that the scripture we were assigned to memorize was DC 68:3-6, which is my plaque scripture, awesome verses. At the conference, I also saw Elder Cook, finally. It was cool, but we only talked for like 5 minutes because we had to rush to get the bus back to Cerro so I didn't get a picture. 

Yeah so thats whats up. Love you all so much.

Elder Walker