Monday, October 27, 2014

Living the Missionary Life


So I’ll start off from the start of the week when I went on divisions with our zone leader Elder Kidd. He is an awesome missionary. I was a little nervous because I knew that we were going to work in my area, and it would be just me telling him what to do and where to go. It was fun. I think I surprised myself with how much I could do. With Elder Contreras sometimes I just let him do all of the talking in lessons and stuff and make the decisions because he’s so much older and knows more, but with Elder Kidd yeah I just surprised myself. 

It’s funny that you asked about if i had to speak in church because I did yesterday. haha But don’t worry I had plenty of time to prepare that is one day. I found out on Saturday morning. And it wasn’t a problem either because I definitely don't have a cold, and Ii definitely didn't lose my voice. And our church is super nice so the microphones definitely worked too. haha. But yeah it wasn't that bad. I’ll send you my talk it was pretty funny I got everyone to laugh and I think they could understand me. haha. Not sure. Send the talk to Chloe she’ll like it especially how I a story about her. haha. My talk was on la obra misional. 

As for why today stinks. I’ll break my rule and tell you that along with my cold, yesterday my pension feed me day old fish. I got so sick, and last night was rough. The bathroom floor is cold, but I won’t elaborate any more.

I love you all,

Elder Walker

PS. I would really like some Tiger’s Milk protein bars.
Blurry pic of Elder Kidd and I