Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Week


First off, this week we had interviews with President Henderson this week, which was cool. Seriously, he is such a cool guy, and I left the interview feeling confident and refreshed. We talked about obedience. We had a good talk. 

But next we had a bit of a situation this week in our appartment. We don’t have water a lot of the time so we keep a bucket filled up from the sink so that we can flush the toilet if the water goes off. Anyway, we got water Tuesday morning and my companion started filling up the bucket when the water turned off again, and I guess he forgot to turn it off because nothing was coming out. And then we went to breakfast. haha. So when we returned the water had turned back on and our apartment flooded. It’s a good thing we have concrete floors, so it was kinda just a deep cleaning. In other news, Hermana Henderson says we live in the worst apartment in the mission, which I know you want to hear. I think it’s funny though, and something to be proud of. haha.

It’s hard to talk about the people I’m teaching. I don’t know why. I guess its because we teach a lot, and I feel like no one is really progressing. The work is very hard in Cerro. One reason it’s hard is because of the terrain. In one of the pictures I sent you, you can see my area and that it’s very mountainous, and don’t worry I live up to my last name here by walking a lot up and down the mountain. It’s also difficult because the people here are very discouraged, and even though they are very humble it’s hard for them to have enough energy to hope.

Every single day for dinner I eat soup, and in case you didn't believe me yes I actually eat the food. haha. And no it’s actually not that bad, and I’ve grown to really like caldo de gallina, which is really rooster noodle soup. They usually put corn and a huge piece of meat in the soup and sometimes an egg. 

Que mas? Yeah, it’s getting harder to be around Elder Contreras. He is so close to being done with his mission, and so we find ourselves talking about home a lot. It sucks killing your trainer. I’m just starting, and he is finishing. As others like to remind me he has had more p-days than I’ve have days. But its fine, don’t worry about me.

The weather is yeah cold. haha. It varies each day between cloudy and rainy and cold, and then it will sunny and cold a couple times a day. We get lot of rain. Today I woke up to snow out side, but it didn’t stick.  

Love you,

Elder Walker

Welcome to Cerro de Pasco, the highest city in the world, altitude 14, 370 feet

Cerro de Pasco
Elder Contreras and I

Caldo de gallina

Yes, the soup warms me up. Yes, everyone's faces are red here. The altitude and cold make you sunburn easily. Don't worry Mom, I bought some sunscreen this week and promise to wear it.

Our deep cleaned apartment after the flood.