Monday, October 6, 2014



I’ll start of by saying that I didn't watch conference this week because of the elections. It is illegal to have any gatherings on election day yesterday, not even church because here all citizens are required to vote. The elections here are crazy. When they promote their candidates it sounds more like protesting to me. This last week people have been marching down the street chants stuff supposedly promoting their candidate. In the plaza on Friday, the candidates put up a stage and gave like a pep rally speech, and I watched some of it and it was like a popularity contest, and they were making these totally huge promises like to build hospitals and stuff. It's kinda funny, but at the same time kinda cool to see a relatively young democracy trying to make it all work. Gotta admire that.

This week was good. It was a little crazy with the elections but good. First off, we had a Stake activity. It was a mixtura and every ward brought a bunch of native food and it was a big party. It was ironic though because we helped set it up but couldn’t eat any of the food because a new rule went into effect on October 1 for ALL of the Peru missions. Yeah the rule change states that we can’t eat at any members house at all. Not even on Sundays. So we eat every meal with our pension. Only stuff that is packaged can we eat in other’s homes. It was funny because the activity was supposed to start at 7 but at about 7:30 no one was there, and at 8 the bishops of the wards still weren’t there. And about 8:30-845 everyone showed up. It crazy and just a different mind set here. I think that this is the real reason conference is a week later. They tell them its last week so they will show up this week. Haha. jk.

Don’t worry I have a new pension now, and I get fed enough. My pension is the familia Palacios, and I get fed soup and chicken and rice every day, and for breakfast I eat oatmeal, juice, bread with butter, and a hot drink. And no, I don’t do my own laundry, I have someone who does it for me.

Transfers are tomorrow, and yeah we are both staying.

Other than that yeah we had an investigator go to the mixtura, and we are hopeful for her this week. The work here is kinda hard. People have the mind set that church and religion is a once a year type thing, and they don't keep their commitment or come to church. 

Love you lots,

Elder Walker

PS. Alma 58:10-11 still gets me through
Mom, you asked for a serious picture of us dressed like missionaries, but Elder Contreras is a funny guy so this is all I could get! Haha.

This is the Herrera family. We had a lesson with the Hermanas who introduced us to them. The hermanas, Hermanas Gale (blonde) and Johnson are awesome. Weve been with them a bunch this transfer because we serve in the same ward.