Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Worry Mom!



I'm doing great in the CCM. My District is sweet, and we have all already become great friends. I'll send you a pic of us at the temple. Today is my P-day but I'm writing at 4 my time because the computer system in the computer lab is down. Normally I'll be writting at 2. 

Peru is great and I'll start with the most important thing and thing I was most worried about: the food. It's honestly pretty great and not that bad. The juice is amazing and so is the fruit. The rice pudding and churros are also good. The rumors are true though, and there is rice served with every meal. 

Since I've been here, I have tried to adapt the the changes. It's not the strongest that survive, but those who adapt to their environment the fastest and best. And there are a lot of changes!! My companion is Elder Schreiner from Utah, but can't remember from what city but it's by Provo. He's super cool. During the day, I mostly study Spanish and gospel princples in Spanish. I also pray a lot! Dad was right!! We are learning super fast, and I am aready supposed to know how to pray and bear my testimony in Spanish, which I can pretty much do. I'm also reading my Book of Mormon in English and I'm on page 200. I've memorized the missionary objective in Spanish and almost have the first vision in Spanish. 

Lima's weather is a lot like Cali in the winter, constantly foggy and damp and humid, but pleasant. I have yet to see the sun and barely see any blue in the sky. Also, it's winter so it gets dark early.

For the most part I haven't been that homesick. I think its because of the enormous challenge of leaning Spanish, reading the BoM, and really becoming a student of the gospel. The nights are the hardest, but when I get frustrated and overwhelmed, I think of how Camron was in these exact same walls struggling with this language and change. And of how Chloe and her with her emotions made it through the MTC and Argentina and learned the language. So thanks you Chloe y Camron!! Also, I ate some of Bro J's cookies on the plane and some my first few days here. The cookies along with my blankey from the Pendletons made me feel right at home. 

One think that's annoying is that as soon as I got here I actually had a super strong desire to preach the gospel to others, but I can't because of the massive barrier that is the Spanish language. That feeling motivates me. Anyways, I'm doing great.


The better looking Elder Walker 

Scratch that the Best looking Elder Walker

PS I only get 30 min because the system is down, but thanks everyone for the letters. I'm going to take a picture and read them. I'll try and reply next week.