Monday, May 16, 2016

La Obra

Hi all,

I stayed here in Huanuco in Tarapaca and have a new companion. Elder Yeh went to Satipo, and my new companion is Elder Palomino, who came from Cerro. Elder Palomino is from Lima, is 27 years old, and has been a member since he turned 9. He actually got baptized in Huancayo and moved to Lima afterwards. I met Elder Palomino in 2014 in Cerro when he started his mission there (he started then went back to Cerro to serve there a second time). It is funny to be his comp. He has 19 months on the mission. Strangely, I think he is the perfect comp to keep me motivated and working until the very end. I hope I will be able to speak English though because I’ve been with Latinos for 5-ish months. 

Every thing is great here. There are a few new missionaries here in the zone and it’s funny because two of them who are new were with me in Huancayo. I guess they just can’t get rid of me. Haha. I am excited to help them and everyone here. 

This Friday we will have the first of two Multizones that I get to help plan this transfer. It should be a good time. Other than that everything should be normal this week. 

I liked these verses from Romans 8:35-39 in my personal study this morning. Nothing, unless we allow it to, can separate us from God´s love. I thought of President Eyring’s talk "Where is the Pavilion?" when I read these verses. Anyways love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Walker 

PS Here is a pic of me and my comp that I just took para que vean.