Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy Week


We went to a couple of lagoons and just got back to do internet. I will sent photos. This is a moto taxi, and Huanuco is filled with them. Huanuco only has one way roads as you can kind of notice in the picture, which makes driving in the road with a 100 moto taxis interesting. It’s fun though. That is what I tried to explain yesterday. 

Mom, it was wonderful seeing you and everyone else yesterday. I am not sure why but maybe more than ever it was a bitter sweet talk. I was sad to talk to Jason knowing that I won’t see him for 2 years, but I am also extremely happy he’s going back on the mission. Maybe that is the clearest example, but even with other things like Chloe telling me to roll my sleeves down. That isn’t even a rule here in my mission or anything, but I felt guilty about it. With that and talking about my investigators, combined with the realization that I have so little time, the thought popped into my mind that I haven’t done enough. I haven’t helped enough people. Baptized enough. Taught enough. Nor been converted enough. 

What I wanted to ask or say, but didn’t remember. What am I going to eat at college? What is my apartment like? 4 people or 6? Are my classes in the morning or night? The first trip we have planned is the beach right? Do I have time to work in the summer or nada? I refuse to think about a phone, laptop or anything like that Mom. I don’t know why but thinking about that gets me super unfocused. 

Thanks for sending Marc’s letter. It was cool talking to him. 

Also, this last week has been the most busy of my mission. On Monday Elder Bullock, the same one I was with at Christmas and trained as a zone leader in Huancayo, left Huancayo and came to Huanuco to be in my zone. It was kind of hard, like I think I mentioned, that he wasn’t a zone leader anymore and was in my zone. Tuesday he got a call to go to Huancayo immediately to be assistant, so we have been with Elder Turin, his comp, all week. Weird, but cool, that Elder Bullock was just a comp mayor then to assistant, but I like that. I like Elder Bullock too. 

After that we moved Elder Turin’s room. On Thursday we went to Huancayo. On Saturday we moved into another area’s room. (Pretty much the whole zone is moving because we will now pay everyone electronically and some peeps don’t want the Peru IRS to see that). On Saturday we were working, and then because of and impression I had we stopped by the church. By chance Elder Turin was there preparing for his baptism, when we found out that the bap fount was filled with old water and the machine to empty it was broken. So with buckets we emptied it. Then, we went to a baptism in another area in the zone because of some things, and we returned to Elder Turin´s baptism. On Sun. we talked. :) 

Crazy. I also managed to break up a fight on Sat. between two ladies at church. Like my mission president said when people ask how you mission went you just have to smile and say, “It was great,” because no one else can really understand. Maybe you can try, Mom. 

Great week. Transfers are tomorrow like I said. I love you all so much.

Elder Walker
Con mi compi

Tres Amigos--Love these guys!
Moto Taxi