Monday, May 30, 2016

Less Time Than I Thought


I'm not sure if the mission secretary called you like he promised me he would, but he isn't answering my call now so I have to tell you the news with my flight itinerary included. I received a call from President Henderson, and he told me that church policy has changed making it impossible for siblings and twins to go home together. This happened right when the personal secretary tried to do it. In reality it is Marc's missions fault because they waited so long to buy his flight. When the pers sec called Mission Santiago they didn't answer so he called church travel offices and their response was the change in policy. Anyways, I am no longer going home with Marcus. :( I will be returning home with the rest of my group on June 22.

On the bright side like everyone else from my group says, I will be home for the NBA Finals and the Finals of the Copa America. haha. 

Good week. This Sunday is the second and last round of the elections here in Peru, which means Peru will decide who will be the next president and we will not have church services. (No gatherings or church allowed by law on election day.) This also means that I have one more Sunday here in my ward Tarapaca because the next Sunday I will be in Huancayo to meet with President for my final interview. Only one more church service on Tarapaca! It doesn't feel real. 

Inspite of the fact that no one I now find will be able to be baptized, we are searching diligently for new investigators. This week we found 2 families. The highlight of the week, however, was on Thursday when we hiked to the top of the mountain in our area and started contacting. We noticed about 10 moms unloading heavy material from a cargo truck. They were unloading and carrying material to a near by elementrary school that was there in the mountain. So we naturally started helping the moms (their husbands were working) unload materials for an expansion of their small school. It was a blast helping them, and they got a real kick out of the "gringo" helping them and carrying about triple what they were carrying. I will miss those shouts of "Gringo!". haha. 

I love serving! I hope I don't forget the joy that comes from doing it. 

Anyways, love you all. 

Elder Walker
Lunch today with Elder Palomino