Monday, May 23, 2016

The Beginning of the End


I just read on that sisters missionaries can wear pants to prevent disease in mosquito infested missions, which begs the question can I wear a skirt? haha. Sometimes I think skirts look more comfortable. I think it would be so weird though to see sisters walking around in pants. 

Your week. BRAIZE MARRIED!!! Dang that is hard for me to believe and a little sad to think about. I love that guy though, and I'm glad he is happy. Chloe, Joe, Camron, and Tori came home, that must be fun. I bet everyone is going crazy right now with school almost out. It's weird to think that the sophomores when I was in High School are graduating now. Anyways all good. I will talk to the Secretary here to make sure all is a go with the travel plans. I also heard that Cori Molisee is getting married in the LV Temple. That is cool. Lots is going on. Good luck planning girls camp. 

My week. Pretty boring. We are working super hard and have the goal to talk with 50 people throughout the week and find new investigators. We are also walking a lot and climbing up and down the mountain. We found quite a few new people to teach this week which was awesome and had a few go to church. I have just a little over a month left. I'm starting to notice and plan for the lasts. Last transfer, last multizone, last meal in Huanuco. Weird.

On Friday we had a multi-zone. President was able to come. It was cool. President talked last and when he shared his testimony at the end he started to cry, but pulled it together and ended. He often says that he knows each of us personally and that he has an idea of how our Father in Heaven must feel towards us and how He knows us perfectly. He started to cry when he called us his hijos. You could tell that he knows that his mission is coming to an end. Our last conference will be at the end of June, and then it's over. I think we as missionaries sacrifice a lot to be here on the mission, but no one has sacrificed more than President Henderson. 

Here is a pic from our lunch last P Day. Love You!! 

Elder Walker