Monday, May 2, 2016

Like Missionaries Do

Thanks for the great letter. I do remember Brian telling me that story, and he always said that he was going to speak in Chinese. Crazy! Tell him that I am excited for him. Tell BRO J that as well. Miss both of those guys!

Well, not much to say. You are spot on when you said that the mission stretches you. Sometimes I can see my progress clearly, but sometimes its not so easy. This week was a little bit harder. We had interviews with president on Monday. On Thursday my comp went to Huancayo to get an MRI. On that same day President interviewed everyone else in the zone. I had to do all of the practices with the missionaries alone and some other things. Afterwards president and his wife took me and 2 other missionaries out to eat, which was sweet. We went to eat at Señor Limon, which is a super good seafood restaurant. I loved it. If I finish here, I will go there to eat on my last P-day, and I will eat ceviche.  

But, yeah, again I didn't work a lot in my area, but we have two investigators progressing which is cool. Just want to keep working. 

Fast week. Nothing much to say. Love you lots.

Elder Walker