Monday, April 25, 2016

Tomayquichua La Perricholi

My companion went to Huancayo out of nowhere on Wednesday to get an MRI. He was there for a day and then came back, and annoyingly he came back without getting the MRI because all of the machines were out of service. He could possibly go back to Huancayo this week.

So, in small part it has been hard to work in our area because I couldn't find someone to do divisions with one day. My companion is in a sort of limbo because he is waiting to find out what happens and his thoughts go to home and the what ifs. He is doing better now but emotionally it is also a lot for him. I hope that he can get answers soon.

Yesterday, we had a stake conference with President Henderson and Elder Costa who is now a general authority. It was fun to listen to them and the stake liders. I enjoyed the priesthood session the most. Elder Costa talked about the power and authority of the priesthood saying the authority for us now is “free," but it is our rsesponsablitly to have the power. I am not sure why, but like it seems to always happen, he called me up in front of everyone and used me as an example of a missionary who wakes up late and doesn't study. He may have the authority and a letter signed by President Monson commissioning him to serve, but he will not have the power.

Later, my favorite example was that of a father with daughters. The daughter may try to leave on the weekend with friends in an inappropriate outfit. The dad in turn has the authority and may scream and degrade. But in that there is no power. If the dad reads his scriptures, keeps the commandments, treats his wife right, then invites the daughter to change into something modest because she is beautiful daughter of God, the power and authority combine harmoniously to change the heart. This is true for anyone who has authority and applies to me here on the mission.

Thanks, Mom, for your message from Elder Holland. I like him understand the scriptures more reading in 2 languages, but never noticed the difference in abide in me.

Tonight, we have interviews with President Henderson. That,s all that is going on.

At what time do you want to Skype? I can do it on google hangouts if you want. If not, I will just see Camron and Chloe in a month anyways, so no biggy. It would be cool to talk to Camron though on his birthday. Let me know. LOVE YOU!

Elder Walker

PS We went to this place called Tomayquichua La Perricholi on P-day. It is a museum in a town about 20 minutes outside of Huanuco. This is me with my old companion, Elder Bullock. He's in my zone again. Awesome guy.