Monday, April 11, 2016

Weird Week


Camron brought home a girl! You can tell Camron that I’ve received the letter that I’ve been waiting for for 21 months now. :) haha. Good for him!

Interesting hearing about Marcus and his date changing. I have been talking to the mission secretario personal and as of Tuesday when I was in Huancayo for Leadership Council, he said that he hadn't bought the flight ticket but I should get to go with Marc. What happened here is that our church travel department representative of this area retired, so currently we don't have one or have someone else for now. The secretary said that it has made it harder to do it. He also said though that he called Marc’s mission, and he was planning with them. I will talk again though on this end and see what happens. But if it isn't a sure thing, Im going home on the 23rd because it would be terrible to wait a week and still go home alone.

We had a good week; however, it was a week full of doing things other than proselyting. First, we had consejo which was great but we had to travel to Huancayo. In addition to consejo and traveling, I have been in and out of the clinica because of my companion, Elder Yeh, has a knee problem. Our sec de salud told him to go to the doctor and do what we did. I hope what he has done and is doing will help so we can keep working. Other than that we had a zone conference, a service project, and many failed appointments yesterday. Yesterday was the presidential election of Peru, so we didn’t even get to go to church because it is against the law to have formal gatherings on election day. Really this was just a weird week. The highlight of the week was interviewing a family of four taught by the other elders here in Huanuco Central who will be baptized today. We interviewed them on Saturday. They are great people. I want to baptize a family! I know that if I trust in the Lord it will happen, "but if not" I will continue to work hard and trust Him. Have a great week!

Love you all so much!

Elder Walker
This is "Elder" Puentes, who got home about 6 months ago from Marc's mission. Evidently, he knew Marc well in the mission, and it is fun to see him around Huanuco and talk to him about Chile and about Marc.