Monday, April 18, 2016



Thanks for you support and prayers. It has been a completely normal week. It was actually kind of abnormal because we went to church for the 3 hours after 3 weeks of not doing so. Strangely next week is Stake Conference so we will not be in our church building. We are great here. Elder Yeh is hanging in there with his knee. He is doing better. We are working hard in spite of the difficulties and we are teaching a few investigators now and searching for more. 

This Friday we will have interviews with President Henderson. It’s interesting because it will be everyone’s last interview with President Henderson except for those of us who go home in May and in June we will have one more. :) I am looking forward to Friday. 

I hope Anna has a great 13th birthday. Tell her I love her and that I am sad to miss that day. I think it is a day everyone has been dreading. haha. And Camron graduates wow! BYU grad with a job. He will get married soon. Chloe needs to get better now! Love you everyone in the family. 

Mom when do I need to sign up for classes? I’ve heard that I have to do it in May. Also I heard that if I want to take the 16 credit exam in Spanish I have to sign up for Spanish 321 and to take that class I have to take a small exam, and I would have to do that here on my mission. Help! Im staying in Liberty Square right? Where is that? What is it like? Love you Mom. Also be thinking about the Mothers Day call and scheduling that with Marc. 

Thanks for the help. Have a great week!

Elder Walker