Monday, December 1, 2014

Another week in Cerro


Two things. What did Marcus say this week? Is he done with training who’s his comp? Is he still in the same area? Also I need his address because I'm going to send him something for Christmas/birthday. Marcus’s pics from last week of his Thanksgiving dinner he made were sweet! I miss American food. Miss that guy.

I have no idea what to say about this week. I guess I will start out with my Thanksgiving. We had no lessons. haha. Yeah we had no lessons on Thanksgiving, and no lessons sucks because the day takes twice as long. And when that day makes you think of home because it’s a holiday, it’s even longer. Yeah no fun! But that night we went out to eat with Elder Kidd and Elder Larson, our zone leaders (they are in our district too and we eat every meal with them because we share the same pension.)  We went to a cool restaurant, and then we bought desserts. That was fun, and I ate so much that day that I was sick the next day. So the day after Thanksgiving was that much fun either. But hey, enough complaining! I survived, and I'm feeling good now. There is always something to be thankful for.

HEY, good news we are changing pensions for lunch and dinner so we will see how the new one is today. But yeah no more caldo de gallina every night!!!! Dang those pies in Marcus’s pics look soo good. I’m jealous. 

We had a family come to church, but then they left after the first hour so it doesn't even count, but then we had another investigator come who stayed. That was cool. She is Patricia, and she has a baptism date and a wedding date for the 13th of Dec. I’m feeling hopeful about her and her fiancé, who is already a member.

Elder Thatcher is adjusting fine. Actually really good if you compare that to his record. He told me he was super sick for his first 4 weeks in the mish with an infected bug bite and dental problems. He's good, though, and just walks kinda slow because he’s still getting used to the altitude, which is annoying sometimes. But I have to be patient and remember that I used to get winded, too. Elizabeth is making me angry. We haven’t taught her for 2 weeks because she went to Lima again and every appointment has fallen through. But we will see. We just need to talk to her. 

I love you all,

Elder Walker