Monday, December 22, 2014

White Christmas


Hahahahaahahhaahahhahahahahahaha. Chloe brought a boy home! Ohhh my gosh I wish I could have been there to see how Dad handled that. I bet it was so funny!!!! So where did he sleep? But what is up with him deciding between Chloe and some missionary girl? Well, freaking duhhhhh Chloe is the obvious choice! Like we talked about before we left, Chloe has made it super hard for all of us to find someone cuz she set a super high standard!! Like Camron said, and that was pre-mission Chloe! I can’t imagine now. Is he mentally challenged?

It has been a crazy week starting with a great couple of days in Huanuco. We had great food and fun there. I had the chance to stay in Elder Thatcher's old area with his awesome pension, and that was fun too. I also got to talk to Elder Cook while there, and he is a great guy and actually grew up in Boulder City. 

Huanuco was fun. Then we got back to Cerro and figured out that our investagator with a date for that Saturday had a few problems, and we had to postpone her date until she could get an interview. It was hard and frustrating, especially because she was getting married on that Saturday as well, and really wanted to get baptized. That Saturday she got married and then in an unforeseen turn of events had a interview with President Maravi after her baptism. And in even more unforeseen fashion the interview went great, and she was able to be baptized that very same day. I was pretty awesome! The mission is full of ups and downs, but I have seen from this expirence that I just have to keep working hard and put my trust in God.  

I'm a little worried about Christmas, but as President Henderson told us in his letter today there are two ways to pass Navidad. The first is to just think of home and remember all of the things that I am missing. The second way is to remember the commitment we have made Jesus Christ and to serve others. That is what I am trying to do. Remember my commitment and remember all of the things my family and I have been given and share those gifts with the people here in Peru. But still it is hard. To be honest I don't even want to talk to you guys for Christmas. I just don't think i will like it. Talking to Marc should be fun though. 

All is good. I love you all. Still laughing trying to imagine Dad watching Chloe with the boy. Haha.

Talk to you soon!!!
Elder Walker

Patricia's Baptism