Monday, July 27, 2015

Transfers Already?

Week have seen major progress in our area and in some of our investigators this week. I love Villa Rica. I love my pension. I love my companion. I love the people here and like always the work. We have various investigators progressing and a couple that I know will get baptized. We have been working hard and saw some fruits this week which is always nice. However, ironically like you said it’s time for transfers again. Hard to believe it's time for transfers already. Not sure what is going to happen but I’m ready for what the Lord wants.

I finished Elder Grandstaffs training this week too. He is a great Elder. As I have trained him and in a weird way I think I understand how hard it is to be a parent. Our trainers like the mission jargon goes are our dads and in a way it is true. I worry that I was able to prepare him for the mission. But I have faith and I know that Elder Grandstaff is ready for anything. He is a hard, humble worker. He is obedient. I was lucky to have this time with him. President always says that whatever happens in transfers, it’s not his fault. He has to do what the Spirit tells him to do. I always joke with him that no matter what happens, it is his fault. He’s a funny guy and I love him.

We had a sweet week. Well on Tuesday we had one lesson the whole day. It was depressing. It was one of those days where you get back to the room and you aren’t satisfied with what you did. Accepting the agency of the people but not happy with what you did. I have been here for a little bit and some times you can get caught up in the same stuff being in the same area for so long. Like ohh no I know that house or person and they don’t what to talk. So that night I decided to go all out and we have had a sick week. We have 3 investigators that went to church and who are progressing to be baptized. Actually four but one that couldn’t go to church. Two guys that are 20 named Alex and Edson. They are sweet and I know that they will get baptized. Then two other investigators are Arcinia and Elena who need to get married but who are progressing. It has been a cool week. We ended up having a lot of lessons. 

I don't know why but I feel like I’m going to leave though. Ironically, just because we have so much going for us right now. We will see though. I don't want to leave but then I do at the same time. I love everything here but I just think it would be better in a lot of ways for me to go. But we will see.

We have seen some parades around here too as well. Tomorrow is Peru’s independence day and the parties have already started. There are quite a few people actually here in Villa Rica for the celebration. It is an exciting time to be here in Peru. But at the same time apparently a lot of the big parties for the actual 28th only really happen in Lima, but we will see that tomorrow as well. 

Love you guys! Here is pic with my favorite Mexicano aka Elder Garcia. He is one of those missionaries everyone hates because he speaks Spanish and English perfectly since he grew up in San Diego. Cool guy.

Love you all. We shall see where I will be next week!

Elder Walker