Monday, July 20, 2015

Another week in the jungle

I’m glad Grandma is finally moved in and doing well. She sent me a letter, and it sounds like she is super happy to be there. And since she is happy I'm happy. It’s weird that Sam is leaving on the mish this week. And it’s kinda weird that he is leaving right before everyone else gets home. That would be so hard though to be home and have a your mission call when all of your friends come home. I’m happy for him too. 

The Pendleton boys are funny. but I will admit I am looking forward to a beach trip in Cali next summer. It’s also nice to know that they haven't forgotten about me yet and that at least one thing can be the same when we (Marc and I) get home-- family fun on the beach. Miss them.

One thing that I don't like about our mission is that fact we are soooo far from a temple. We don't get to go even one time in 2 years. Just in the CCM. I’m glad you were able to go this last week. Mom, Heavenly Father does want you to be calm so DON’T WORRY! haha. love you!

We are working a lot right now with new investigators menos activos and strengthening the ward leaders. Our bishop is stepping up in the ward and we are getting some help from other ward leaders. We had our Ward Conference this week and so our stake president came down with some other stake leaders. Hermana Helly, my pension from La Merced is the Relief Society President, so she was there and it was cool to see her. The stake president, President Diez, gave a talk in sacrament meeting about faith and then gave the second hour class about temples. He is cool and a super good speaker. 

Like I said though we are working a lot with the leaders of the ward. The church is different here. Our young men’s president hasn't gone to church for a month and a half. Our elders quorum president was an RM but he left to Huancayo to study so now we don’t have one. Our Bishop continues to work on Sundays even though he has improved in a lot of ways. We want to strengthen the priesthood here and we are planning a little training to teach people how to do simple priesthood blessings because we get asked so much for health blessings even when there is someone with the Melchizedek priesthood. 

We found a sweet new investigator this week named Etso who is the friend of a less active RM. Naturally we are working with both of them, but Etso is super cool guy who left his family in Lima to work in Villa Rica. He is 21 and a mechanic. We shared the restoration with him and has already gone to church. I love sharing the Restoration with people and testifying about the Book of Mormon. If nothing else I know that the Bom is true, and I love sharing it boldly and without fear to the people here. I like the quote on my calendar because Holland explains how I feel when he said, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world … that the Book of Mormon is true. I love the BoM. I’m almost done with it in Spanish.

We are in La Merced for a P day de Zona right now. Transfers are next week, and it is more likely that I’ll go, but we will see. We also had interviews with President Henderson this last week and they went great. Pres is a funny guy. It is interesting when Elder Waddell from the Seventy came he told us that missionaries are assigned to their missions a lot of times for the mission president and his wife. I feel like that is true for me. I know I am suppose to be here in the Peru Huancayo mission with the Hendersons.


Elder Walker