Monday, July 6, 2015

Still Need My Mom when I'm Sick


Super cool seeing Marc and my old comp! haha. That sounds super cool. I can’t believe he is with another gringo companion that is literally insane. Cool seeing the other pics as well. No mom I had no idea that Gpa Bud and Gma Leslie moved into another house so that’s new. And hearing about the Mare and Jeff moving is super weird. I don’t like it. Everything is going to be so different. 

I’m good. We had a good week. My throat is killing me though. I don’t have a cold. I haven’t lost my voice either. But my throat hurts like crazy! I haven’t been able to sleep the last two nights. I can’t swallow my own spit. I spit into a bottle at night. And during the day I just spit on the ground cause it hurts so bad to swallow. I have a fever. I’ve had it for three days now. I have white pus sores on my tonsils. They have me taking amoxicillin because they think it’s strep. You tell me, does it sound like strep? If it is strep is amoxicilin all I need?

I started on the meds yesterday at about this time. I’m taking 1 pill every 8 hours. Does that sound like the right dose. I’ve taken three pills, and I don’t feel better at all. I can hardly eat and couldn’t at all yesterday when my Pension made normal food. She made me a hamburger for the 4th of July, so I had to eat it but it was hard to enjoy it.

I just sent you some pics! This week was good. We had quite a few people come to church and it seems like the cosecha or harvest is coming to a close here in Villa Rica so more people will start coming to church. Despite the people coming to church though we still lack a progressing investigator. Mainly because people need to repent and get married. 

I funny story this week. We started teaching an investigator named Cesar. He is 24 years old and works at a liquor and cigarette store. He is a super nice guy though and interested in our message. His stepdad is actually a member in Lima. Anyways we pass by the store a couple of days ago to talk. We went in and started to talk to him when a client walks in and Cesars had to go to attend him. Standing there with my companion I notice a thin line of white powder on the sale counter. I studied it for a while then turned to E Grand and told him, “Hey that looks a lot like a line of cocaine ready to snort.” I smell it and took a lick (Ha! no just kidding! I didn’t. Gosh, Mom). Then Cesar came back so I asked him what it was. And he’s like yeah it’s cocaine! Ha! It helps you get to the next world faster. Good news he doesn’t do drugs. Bad news he is a drug dealer. But that is kind of the good news too. Teaching a drug dealer pretty sweet. Repentence is real. The Atonement is real. Welcome to the jungles of Peru. Cool guy though.

The forth was fun. My pension had a 4th of July party for us. She is so awesome. I love her so much. I sent pictures. EE UU means United States. (I’m a little sick in these pictures.) This week I have been thinking a lot about a true cambio de corazon or a change of heart. Interesting. I’ve read in Mosiah 5 and Alma 5. 

Got to go. Love you lots. My throat hurts........ :(

Elder Walker
With an investigator's monkey on the 4th