Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Dearest Family!

Thanks for the fantastic letter Mom. I agree I’m a lot different than I was 1 year ago, but I’m also more aware of how far I have to go. We went on a big hike yesterday and weren't able to do internet until today. I hope you didn't worry too much. We had a good week.

On P Day we climbed Huaytapallana to the glacier that is there. We were at about 16000 which is close to the elevation at base camp of Mount Everest. It is higher than any mountain in the U.S. and probably the highest I will ever be in my life. The views were breathtaking (and not just because I literally could not breathe) and I will try to send you as many photos as I can. 

On top of the mountain sits a glacier that is awesome, and there are three small lakes the color blue with a hint of emerald green. On top yes it was hard to breath but going down is what gave my a huge head ache. 

I used all my time sending pictures. Love you! Hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Walker