Monday, September 28, 2015

Mom, Te Amo

Dearest Family,

Mom, te amo. First off, I'm like the worst son ever. I realized last month that it was your birthday, but then I forgot to say anything. I've been meaning to wish you a belated birthday forever! So I love you so much! You are the best mom for me. Hope your birthday was great.

We had a great week full of baptismal interviews and hours of carrying water in buckets. First off, Jean Carlos got baptized this week. He is a great 23 year old guy from Cusco. He is the only member in his family who lives here in Huancayo, and he lives alone. We started teaching him about 2 and a half months ago and we could have baptized him a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure he was truly converted. He is the boyfriend of Beatriz, and he wanted to get baptized right away it was kind of funny. It was cool though to see the change in him. He had to stop doing some things and change his life style and traditions. He was able to gain a testimony of the Word of Wisdom and of Joseph Smith. Great guy. I hope the best for him. 

Maycol also went to church yesterday with a white shirt and tie. It was sweet. We preparing him to be able to bless the sacrament. He also came with us to a couple of lesson, and he was able to share his testimony, and he has grown so much. I feel so lucky to have been able to know him and my other converts here in Huancayo. I was thinking about it a little bit, and I really haven’t done anything. I’m not anything special either, but God has just blessed me with the opportunity to know them. 

I am super excited for Conference. 3 new apostles that’s crazy! Can’t wait. Hey, Chloe hasn't written me :( not sure why not. I’m happy for Marcus. He will be a great trainer. If it is another gringo I will die! Did you all go to Disneyland? Don’t lie I know you did. That’s sweet though for Chloe’s friend. Hey will you send me like a BYU Spanish test guide. I don’t do anything now in my language study and it’d be cool to study for that test I’m gonna take when I get back. 

Love you!

Elder Walker

Elders Whitaker and Rodriguez and I