Monday, September 14, 2015

New Friends and Old

Hey Mom,

Funny story. Yesterday I was doing informes with the district leader in HVCA, and the dl asked me from an Elder Moss if I new a girl named Sammy from Las Vegas. I said Sammy Smith? How random is that? And then yeah we started talking a little bit and come to find out this Elder Moss character dated (or was seeing not really how she would describe it) Sammy. I told him that yeah are families are like great friends. He told me that his family is planning their wedding. And yeah it was super funny. Such a small world. So that is what happened. I will look out for him though. He is with a gringo trainer named Elder Rasmussen, who is a great guy. We are actually going to be in HVCA tomorrow to do an interview. I actually met Elder Moss too when he first got to Huancayo because we dropped off Elder Rasmussen to get his new son. He is a cool guy. Anyways. 

Like Marc, our mission president told us we can't live chat on email anymore, so I will be sending longer emails. We can message back and forth for emergencies, but just not as much as we used to do. 

I’m with a new companion! Another Peruvain. Elder Gonzales from Chiclayo is my new comp. He and Elder Carhuaricra just switched spots, which is kinda funny. Elder Gonzales is a great guy. We get along better. He is a quite hard worker. He is 27 years old, and Elder Carhuaricra was 25 so it is kinda weird to be with comps someone so much older than me. But he is great, and it is going to be a great transfer. 

We had a crazy week, but everything has settled down. We are still working with the Familia Poma and the parents but the progress is slow. We are visiting the boyfriend of Hna Beatriz and we set a date for him, but we want to be sure that he gains a testimony and doesn’t just want to get baptized for her. Maycol got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday, which was sweet to see. He is progressing great. We had a couple other people come to church, but for now we just need to work. 

Marc just told me that he will get home the 27th of June! Haha which mean my dream might come true. I am scheduled to go home the same day but will have to see because sometimes when there is a change of mission president weird things happen to the transfers, and I am also scheduled to go home with Prsd Henderson. But still it would be SOO awesome to meet up in Atlanta with Marc. We will see.

All is well mom. I am glad Gma is doing all right. Tell her I love her. I also like the talk. I knew member? Sweet. Love you!

Elder Walker

Saying goodbye to Elder Larson, a good friend, and Elder Toomer.