Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just Keep Swimming


Mom, first off HAPPY BITHDAY!!! I can’t believe you are in Argentina right now! How exciting and don’t worry I’ll think of some way for you to make it up to me.... Yeah, I’m not that upset about it, mom. Not even at all. It is awesome that you can experience some of the South American life. You have probably seen about as much as I have considering I rarely leave the compound. Couple of things I need to say. First, I’m glad everyone liked my last letter, but I can’t write that great of stuff every week. I mean this last week nothing has happened, and I haven’t really had any cool experiences or have any noteworthy spiritual experiences. Pretty much this week has consisted of me frantically trying to learn the Spanish language for next week. And may I remind you that I am leaving on Tuesday! But yeah nothing exciting just me working and working and swimming and swimming and swimming. “No eating here tonight. I'm on a DIET!” (Side note: I’m really disappointed that I miss Finding Dory. Like I’m really mad). Sorry I’m easily distracted right now. Second I have a list of things that I want for my first package I receive. Not to sound like I expect a package, but if you happen to send me one please include the following: my farewell talk, stake conference talk, “Do You Love Me” talk by Elder Holland, “Why is it so Hard” talk by 
Elder Holland, and swedish fish. Please. Also, I want when you can manage it a cool calendar con important dates. ALSO I NEED TO KNOW what I got on my calculus AP test. It’s been bugging me, and I just forget to ask you every week. 

So yeah sorry for the disappointing email. Nothing is really blog worthy. Also, did you make me a blog? If so, I want it set up like Chloe's with the companion thing on the side. I’m so jealous that you’re with Chloe right now though. AHHHH I miss my sisters :( Another thing I had a question about John 3 1 hasta 8. I love these verses but specifically 8. I want to know the symbolism. Like is the wind the Holy Ghost or what? Maybe there is a general conference talk on it. I thought it would be something fun for you to do. So I guess I’ll copy something I wrote from my journal.

I get the part were I’m suppose to understand and speak the language after 3 months, but what am I suppose to do for these first 3 months? Today Elder Shreiner and I were practicing by teaching a Latino Companionship. One of the Latinos spoke super fast and acted like we were natives the other like we were infants, which to be fair we are…but non-the-less, it was still annoying. At the end of our lesson there advice was. Wait for it... Speak faster and better Spanish. Yes, thank you I know my Spanish isn’t great. Estoy tratando. It is frustrating not to be able to express yourself and the feelings you have. I don’t know what I’m going to do in a week when I’m out in the field for real teaching real lessons. I don’t want to be a burden to my companion because can’t be effective as a mute. Whatever, we shall see.

Yeah, I know it’s a jaw-dropping ending. The last sentence that is. It seems like all I'm doing is complaining about the language, so I’m sorry about that. Thanks for your email I enjoyed what you said about how impatience impedes faith. I’m trying to be patient. Love You! Miss you all. Excited for 8-hour bus ride! Till next time!

Elder Walker