Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Hi family,

I've written everyone but you, and now I'm out of time. I had a great birthday, but I thought about Marc all day. The irony is not lost on me that I've always wanted my own birthday party and the first time I get one I spent the whole time wishing I was with him. 

I have the best pensionista! Her name is Hermana Helly (pronounced normal like in English). Her husband is Boris (the Patriarch of the stake here). Their son is Aldo (17 a DJ doesn't do anything because here they finish high school at like 16) and then they another son who is not shown in this pic. His name is Ronald, and he is about 26 and an RM. He lives above us in our apartment. We live around the courner from Helly's house. Ronald is married to Lisbeth also. So yeah we have the best pension in the entire mission! They had a big birthday party for me. I guess it's a tradition here to crack an egg on your head and throw flour on you on your birthday. So yeah that happened. haha. I love the Hellys.

Love you all too,

Elder Walker
Boris, the patriarch and I



Cool waterfall pic, but someone dropped my camera in the water taking it. So I need a new camera :(