Monday, February 2, 2015

Angels Round About Me


Your letter is absolutely perfect, Mom. I can't really describe what I'm going through right now exactly, but It's perfect. I don't know how you do it, but you just send me exactly what I need. It's a testimony to me that God really does know what we are going through and knows our struggles and difficulties. It's like how Bednar said, "Why would God send you an Angel when he can bring to your memory the words of your Angel mother." I have felt like that many times on my mission, and yeah thanks Mom. I love you. 

About my area. So yeah we live in La Merced but are area is called Santa Ana. We work primarily in La Merced, but are also in charge of Santa Ana and go there once every week. There are 3 comanionships in the La Merced ward and the 3 companionships work in every part of La Merced. There are no boundries. We are separated by sectors, but if we find an investagator in the Hermanas' area it doesn't matter, we still visit said investagator. 

The ward here and members are awesome. The are hard working and it's like an actually ward here as aposed to my ward in Cerro. The church building is beautiful. There are about 180 or so people that come to church. But yeah the members are super loving. For example the members gave me 3 different parties for my birthday. 

Tell Grandma Sue thanks for the email. I like to think that Grandpa Jack is one of my guardian angels and that he is enjoying helping all of his great-grandsons on missions right now. I also love that scripture from DyC 84:88. I think of it often. I remember that Bishop Stewart quoted that during the opening prayer of my farewell.

So the members and the area are awesome. I need to remember that and count my blessings, even with my other struggles.  Got to go.


Elder Walker

PS Thanks for putting money in my account. I plan on buying a new camera later today.