Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow Internet Today


Uggghh! I had something to write you but now there is no time. The computers are so bad here. I’ve used 45 minutes of my hour just waiting for email to load. But this week was good. We found 7 new investigators, which is a bunch and all of them are really cool. One is Arnold who is a member’s friend and actually works for another member. He is awesome understands well and is super interested. It was funny at the end of our second lesson he said the closing prayer. And he ended en el nombre de jesucristo... Then we were waiting for like 10 seconds and finally he said Amen Pe!!!! haha. So funny you have to know Spanish and Peruvians a little bit to understand what "Pe" means, but in the circumstance it means like Amen bro. Like, hey I ended why are all of you still bowing your heads?

But then he didn't go to church, and no one went. But you just have to work harder. 

I just wasted more time trying to load a picture, but now I really have to go! 


Elder Walker