Monday, March 2, 2015

God First


This week was good .We had a good week even though the our numbers don't really reflect it. It was funny we had no investigators at church until the third hour of church when a member came up to us and told us that she wanted us to visit and baptize her grand daughters, so we ended up having two investigators at church.

Right now we are working with a couple families. The familia Taype (less actives) the familia of Jose Mendosa (less active)  and his wife Gisela (Investigator) they have one son who is 1 named Fabricio. And this week we found a new family of investigators who are Jesus, Gloria and Wendy. Also we’re still teaching Arnold, who is a friend of a member. But yeah only the less actives went to church this week and none of our investigators went except for the two that we found at the end of church. It’s okay though because all of them are super cool and are going to go to church next week! 

So this week I have been thinking a lot about two stories in the Bible. The first about Abraham and Isaac and the story of God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Abraham willing gives up his will for the will of the Lord and was going to sacrifice his son until the last second when an angel appeared. Abraham because of his obedience was blessed greatly along with his family. The other story is about the young rich man that is talked about in Lucas 18:18. He asks Jesus what he has to do to obtain eternal life. Jesus responds that basically you need to keep the commandments, and the man says that he has since his youth. But then Jesus says that to get eternal life he has to give up all of his treasures. And the Bible describes the man becoming sorrowful because his heart was set upon his treasures and not the will of God. 

Just one thing I have noticed is the importance of putting God first in our lives. The problem for the man in the second story wasn't willing, and he loved his riches more than God. Abraham however loved God, and put God even before his only son. The importance of putting God first is everything it is why I am here and what I am trying to help the people here do. We know that we are truly blessed and we find true happiness in doing so. But sometimes missionary work is hard because we can't make the decisions for the people we teach. 

We went to a native city near here, Pampa Michi, and it was pretty cool.

Have a Great Week,

Elder Walker