Monday, March 16, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hello again,

This Sunday it rained again hard in the morning. We had one investigator go to church though named Joao, who was receiving the lessons with the missionaries before he went to Huancayo for vacciones (summer break). So we are teaching him, and he is a cool guy. This week was kind of tough. We had 17 appointments fall through and only 12 were there that we taught. We have a couple new investigators, and yeah we just keep working. It’s kind of tough though I haven’t had one baptism my whole time here in La Merced, and it is hard not to judge your success in the number of baptisms. I mean we all know our purpose is to invite and the people to Christ, and they have their agency. But that doesn’t stop self reflection and scrutiny. I read Elder Bailey’s email this week, and I loved what he said that we just have to keep working hard. He talked about the Hoover dam and how damnation is literally like a dam stopping our spiritual progress. And what power would be required to break the Hoover dam! But that is what I want to do and what I am here to do! It just requires more patience than I would like. I also feel like I am just preparing the way for other missionaries here. For example, the two Jovencitas, whose Grandma is a member and who went to church, they both now don’t want to get baptized this month and want to wait 3 or 5 months to "investigate" because the Grandma got baptized after going to church for 2 years. So they see this example, and ya fuimos. Also two investigators that we found have to get divorced before both of them get married and then baptized. So that is where I am at. 

I’ve been pondering this question lately: what is true happiness and how do we obtain it? Any help with that would be appreciated. 

Also, my companions family went to Marcus’s ward to see him and took a picture with him. Pretty sweet!


Elder Walker

PS. Hey! Congrats to Justin on his mission call. Is that the same mission as Timmy?
Marc with Elder Lopez's family

Kickin' it in the jungle