Monday, March 23, 2015

End of the Cambio Already. What?


I have completed cambio 5 of my mission! Wow it went by fast! I am excited for the next transfer. I think my comp and I are going to stay one more together here but I am not sure. Anything could happen. One cool thing about the mission being able to look back every transfer and analyze or judge personal progress and progress in the area. I have definitely grown this transfer. I have learned a lot from Elder Lopez. The area is stronger although it isn't reflected in the number of baptisms. I still want to do and be even better. Because of that Im looking forward to the next transfer. 

So two of my best friends in the whole mission went home this week. Elder Kidd (white shirt standing up) and Elder Perrins (bottom right with bird). Elder Kidd finished his mission and it was sad to watch him go because I have been with him my whole mission. He has been my zone leader my entire mission! He is a great guy and the kind of missionary I want to be. I love him, and I made him promise to send me a wedding invitation. haha.

I entered the mission with Elder Perrins and actually in the buss ride to the CMM in Lima we sat next to each other and have been good friends since. In an extremely unfortunate turn of events he has to go home to get a second surgery on his wrist. He broke it before the mission playing rugby then continued to play with it broken actually won state and then had to get surgery. Now he has to go home to fix it again. Super sad. 

So I'm gonna read your letter later to save time, but this week has been good. Like I said it was hard to watch some friends go home, but really that is how the mission is-- a bunch of farewells and welcomes. It is sad though because as missionaries we make the people around us our family. We love and serve and then we have to leave them. Again and again and again. And the start over again and again. But I like it too. 

It didn't rain this week and 4 investigators went to church!!! yeah! Efrain y Sofia (need to get divorced and married) went to church. They are super great people and while they need a lot to get baptized nothing is too great for the Lord. Joao went as well. He fell through on all of our appointments with him this week but went to church, which is so cool. Then Tuvi a friend of Aldo went to church as well. (haha I write the friend of Aldo and not Aldo’s friend naturally. haha). It was a good week. We had a bunch of appointments fall through. 7 appointments on Saturday fell through. haha. But that is how the work is. 

Love you all,

Elder Walker
The Daily struggle: trying to find a reference when no one knows street names and none of the houses have numbers.