Monday, March 30, 2015

Villa Rica

In the mission there are weeks when nothing really changes or happens. This was not one of those kind of weeks. 

Thursday night we got a call from our zone leader, Elder Cayo, and he first told my companion Elder Lopez that he had transfers to Tingo Maria (another jungle city). Then in crazy turn of events he told me that I had transfers as well to Villa Rica. So they closed Santa Ana, and I'm here in Villa Rica. It was hard to leave. I love the people from La Merced and Santa Ana, and it sucks and breaks my heart because the members in Santa Ana are kind of abandoned now. 

Villa Rica is still the jungle, but it is at a little bit higher elevation than La Merced and is in the region of Pasco. It is also a little bit colder, but it isn't cold at all. It is the perfect climate. I am in the same Zone and Stake. Villa Rica is known for producing coffee, and everyone grows coffee. They sell their coffee to Starbucks. Like all my areas it's kinda remote and far from the mission office. It is about an hour from La Merced.

My companion is Elder Moraga from Masaiya, Nicaragua. He was with me in Cerro de Pasco, and he is a great guy. He has 18 months in the mission and yesterday he turned 20. He comes from a family of 5, and he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters like me. I am excited to work with him, and we work hard and enjoy the work. 

This week though we will go to La Merced to watch conference. So I will get to see all of my friends there which is cool. 

Mom thanks so much for your letter last week. It was perfect and really just amazing. When are you going to write a book! Inserio. But this week I have been thinking a lot about your letter, happiness, and especially love. 

This week we talked with a member who is having problems in his life and he told us that he doesn't know why he can't be happy. He said he is keeping the commandments and doing what he should be doing but isn't happy. It was literally what I have been studying all week. I had the chance to bear my testimony that true happiness comes from understanding the Atonement and from living and loving the gospel. As a bore my testimony I realized that it was true.

I came up with 5 things that lead to true happiness 
  1. Keeping the commandments (MSH 2:41)
  2. Truly repenting (Alma 36: 41)
  3. Humbly seeking for happiness (Alma 27:18)
  4. Understanding the Atonement and grace
  5. Loving God and other people in life

Love is the key like you said mom. Love is the motive for our existence here on the earth and Christ's sacrifice for us. Love like faith is a principle of action. It is sacrifice and it is all encompassing. If we love God with all of our heart like the first great commandment says and our neighbors, we will find true happiness in this life. 

A missionary from the ward got back this week. The ward threw him a little Homecoming party. His name is Victorio, and he bore his testimony. He said that he learned more than anything how to love on his mission. I realized that what he said is so true. I have learned how to love companions, the bishop, ward mission leader, the ward, investigators, and the people of Peru. I have many weaknesses shortcomings and faults. I have tons of fears doubts and questions, but I love (or try to love) more than my personal problems. One of my favorite scriptures that I found in my research is found in Moroni 8:16, ... Perfect love casteth out all fear. Perfect love overcomes our fears and doubt. 

In true to the faith is says, ... The only way to real happiness is to live the gospel. That statement is what confused me at first. I like the statement, The only way to real happiness is to love Christ and his gospel. 

LONG!! haha. Love you!

Elder Walker
Elder Moraga and I