Monday, March 9, 2015

Just Call Me the Mighty Rat Hunter!


It was a good week. Saturday night and Sunday morning it rained super hard and all night and day. It was a kind of rain you don’t see in Vegas. The rain destroyed part of the main road and it destroyed the road to Oxapampa which is where we were going to go today for Pday and then have our Zone meeting there, but not anymore. There were also mudslides and houses by the river were destroyed and actually one member’s home was destroyed. We went to see if we could help, but all was lost. All of the rain was kind of cool, except for the destruction, but none of our investigators went to church. 

None of our members went to church either. haha.

So last Tuesday we went in for the night planning, and I was undressing and unwinding when I saw a giant rat run into the other part of our room. I freaked out and yelled at my comp. The rat tried to escape then my comp kicked it twice and it ran into the other part of our room and hid. So our vecinos Ronald and Lizbeth (pensionista’s son) heard all the commotion, so they came down and we were all looking for the rat together for about 10 minutes. We couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I was searching in my dresser, and I opened my drawer with my pday clothes and garments and with my hand was searching around when bam the rat was there and jumped out of the drawer. I screamed soo loud. Then, we cornered it, hit it, and killed it. But now everyone makes fun of me for screaming like a girl, but it was a big rat! Not quite as cool as Braize’s story, but add to his testimony that jungle rats are huge!

Love you all,

Elder Walker

PS. My comp. Elder Lopez is from Santiago, 5 de Abril Stake, Los Delfines Ward. Same Stake as Marc!! Neighboring Ward!! 

Young and wild and free! I wasn't going to send this to you Mom, but if you could handle Chloe skydiving then I figure you can handle this. haha.

I baptized a convert, Kelly, of the Hermanas. I keep baptizing Hermana Johnson's converts, and it is getting annoying. haha. We served in the same ward in Cerro and now again in La Merced. I've baptized 4 of her converts now. It was a good baptism.