Monday, March 7, 2016

Living the Life

Dear Fam,

So I guess Braize, Kaleb, and Tanner are all getting married! What?! Congrats to my friends, but crazy! Craziness. I got to stay focused though.

Well, my week was pretty uneventful like yours maybe even a little less exciting. On Wednesday we went to Huancayo, which was fun. The big news there is that now we don't do telephone informes on Wednesday or Friday and the informe on Sunday is a LOT shorter. We have 15 indicators in stead of 30. So it is a lot easier now and takes a lot less time. The change comes because of a recommendation from Elder Godoy and help us become our propia agentes. Cool. 

Last Monday we went to a wedding of two less active we are teaching. Gabriel and Linda. Linda is actually from Venezuela. It is super interesting to hear her talk about the crisis that country is going through, and it straight up sounds like the after math of WWII Germany. Cool thought to be at their wedding. Picture as well. 

On Saturday we had our zone meeting and I sent a photo from that. It was two missionaries birthdays, and we ate cake afterwards. We talked about how to start teaching and leaving commitments. 

Today we don't have Pday since we have a multi-zone and Pday on Thursday. It should be fun. The zone leader are actually doing everything now in the conferences and the assistants won’t even come to Huanuco. So it should be a fun time as well. 

That’s all. Ohh yeah, and we are teaching a family and the little girl will get baptized on Saturday. So pray for Dayan Julisa this week and her family. Her Mom is an active member and Dad less active. I want them to go to the temple and everything, but yeah next week I will send you a picture and tell you more. 

Other than that all normal. Still just working hard trying to not think about my time. Thats where I'm at right now. 

MOM, where am I living at BYU again? What’s it called?

Anyways love you and have a great week!

Elder Walker