Monday, June 13, 2016

The Final Epistle of Elder Walker to the USA

What I am supposed to say in my last letter home? I'm not sure. Words cannot do justice to everything I have learned in the last 23 months. The only thing I can do is smile widely, because I´m so close to done, but half-heartedly because I will miss so much here, and say, "It's been great". 

I have a testimony that God is our Heavenly Father who is all powerful and knowing and also loving. I know He hears and answers my prayers. I bear testimony that Christ is His first born in the spirit and only begotten in the flesh. He died for us collectively and for me personally. I have felt His divine help and hand in these last 2 years and have had experiences where the only explanation is Heavenly. Because of those experiences, I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. 

If I had to sum it up it would be with my testimony of Christ. He lives. I hope I never forget what I've learned here. It interesting how I've known, said, and done these things before my mission, but I had to come out on a mission and live it to be able to write it in my heart. I was thinking about that in consejo de lideres when President was talking, and I could feel the Spirit so strongly. The Spirit is sweet and peaceful and loving and quiet and powerful. I realized that, hey, this is what my mom and dad have always described. I actually think Bro. Johnson shared this exact thought about what the spirit feels like at one point in a lesson, and I felt the Spirit before. But now I recognize the Spirit better. That, and I've changed. I hope it is permanent. I have faith that it is. 

Mom and Dad, I love you both with all of my heart! Have a great Fathers Day Dad! I guess I will just have to give you my gift in person! Love you so much and you have taught me more than you think. 

I love my whole family and ward family and friends! Thank you for all your support. It would be cool to see Aunt Kathy first at the gate. She can show me the way. No, I haven't gotten a package, but maybe before I come home.

Signing out for the last time, 

Elder Walker