Monday, April 20, 2015



What the heck, everyone is getting married!!! Lexi and Preston! Crazy! And Ashlyn marrying a Peruvian? If that’s what she’s looking for, why doesn’t she just wait for me cuz according to the elders in my zone, I’m latino now! Haha. My zone leader said the other day that our zone is the best because we are all latinos. Everyone looked at me. Hahahahaha. But they decided I’m latino now! And Anna 12 and out of Primary! Mom, you have no more children in Primary! Haha. Crazy.

For our P day that we had in our zone last week we made Pachamanca with my old pension in La Merced. In this pic I’m with Boris just after we finished making it. It is super good and not that hard to make. There are just a couple of steps:

Step one: Go outstide and dig a good sized hole
Step two: find about 20 good hand sized rocks
Step three: Start a fire in the hole and heat the rocks in hole for about 2 hours
Step four: Remove rocks, place chicken, potato, etc in hole, replace rocks cover hole
Step five: Wait for about 1 hour and a half remove and enjoy.

It is really good; I am not even kidding. The meat and chicken gets super cooked all the way through to the bone, and it’s delicious. And actually you put huge leaves on bottom and in between rocks and meat, but still you will get an occasional rock in the food. You just have to remember it is completely normal. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right Kelly? Well thats what I keep telling myself and my stomach. 

This week has been painfully normal. Nothing has really changed. We had three people come to church, but all of them left after the first hour so that was kind of depressing. It’s hard to persuade investigators to stay for all the meetings when half of the members leave after the first hour. In our mission if you don’t stay for all three hours it doesn’t count as an attendance towards baptism. The work is going good though here. 

This week I have been studying a lot about faith and repentance. More about repentance though. We know that if we have faith we will repent or in other words faith brings us to repentance (Alma 34). But what is repentance? A lot of times we think it is a list of things we have to do to be forgive of or sins. We know we have to feel sorry, confess and forsake our sins, also make amends and keep following the commandments. But repentance is more than a to do list, it is a change of heart, becoming more like Christ. I read that sin stops our spiritual progression and repentance is the only way to progress spiritually. Therefore we should repent everyday to become more like Christ and develop His attributes. 

If you were a fly following me around, you would see me walking a lot and you would see a lot of mud. It rains a lot here and because there are practically only dirt roads here there is a lot of mud. I have to clean and shine my shoes every day.

Have a great week everyone. 

Elder Walker

Straight Latinos!