Monday, April 27, 2015

Good Week. The Same.

Hello all,

Late I know but there wasn’t internet here in Villa Rica in the morning and now there is. Kind of cool to be somewhere so remote that sometimes there isn’t internet in the whole city. 

I remember coming home from school everyday for 12 years and you asking me, "How was school, honey?" I would respond everyday, "Good. The same." haha. So, ya, now I feel like you’re asking, “How was the mission this week, honey.” And I’m like, “Good. The same.” But yeah this week was actually was good and the same and a little bit interesting as well. Interesting because the two hermanas that we have here both got emergency transferred out of Villa Rica. If you know anything about emergency transfers you’ll know that they happen generally because something bad happened and yeah that’s what happened. I won’t say everything, but I will say that it was P day all day every day for them and they yeah had problems. So this week our zone leaders called us and actually came to Villa Rica last Monday, and actually we had a sweet P day with them and our district leader. Then the assistants called us then president and yeah its over now and there are two new hermanas here, both of them I already knew. They’re awesome. Hna Quispe was in La Merced with me and Hna Chire was in Cerro. Funny how I really don't know very many people in the mission because I keep serving with the same people. 

We went to a waterfall for P day today with Clide (our lider missional), with Ronald and Julio (members), and with the Hermanas. It was fun. 

This week we worked super hard. We have some impressive numbers, but it’s not about the numbers, but rather the people. We are working with like 5 families that all have to get married. It stinks that everyone lives together here, and it makes it super hard on the missionaries because marrying someone is a lot harder than baptizing them. Marrage requiere effort on the part of the couple. But we are going to marry 2 of them for sure, not this month or the next, but we will marry them and baptize them. It’s funny because in the most of families the kids are members but the parents aren’t. But yeah Edilberto y Silvia are gonna get married and Mijael y Rosio. 

Elder Moraga is awesome. He is a super nice happy guy and someone good to work with. We get along great, and we talk openly with each other and more than anything are just great friends. Did I mention that its WEEK 6 of the transfer!!!! Wow time is weird. So Elder Moraga will probably leave this transfer, but yeah veremos. 

Time is up. Love you all lots! Chloe, I love you! That stupid Dean character is not worth a moment of sorrow. I would like to slap him upside the head. Camron, maybe you could take care of that for me? Or send me his email, I’ll slap him with my words. What kind of idiot is he? You are the most incredible girl I know, and he’s not worthy of you if he doesn’t recognize that. In fact, go out and eat some Cold Stone ice cream for me! I’ve been studying grace this week I think Ill go in depth next week but remember that God’s grace is an enabling power to makes our weakness strengths and more than anything God’s grace is a reason to be happy. Les amo muchismo. Chou

Elder Walker