Monday, May 4, 2015

Looking Forward to Mother's Day!


So I know nothing about transfers, which is kind of cool because this Mother’s Day Sunday it will be a surprise who I am with and where I am. I’m pretty sure though that I’ll stay here in Villa Rica though.

So what’s up with Marc? We need to pick our call time. Why can’t he pick a time? Why is it so hard to talk to him? Isn’t he in the middle of Santiago the biggest, most advanced city in Chile?

Because of Stake Conference, I have to talk after 4 PM my time. Just pick a time, and tell Marc to schedule around that. 

This week was good. We found an awesome new family of four. Jose and Ninfa, the parents and Marisol and Angel. The were a reference from members the familia Vega who is one of the best strongest families in the ward. The Hna Vegas sister is ninfa. This week Angel and Marisol went to church but the parents couldn’t for some problems that came up. But later that day we were talking with Jose, and he asked us what he has to do to get baptized. haha. Talk about the best question you can hear as a missionary!But he told us that he really wants to change his life, and he want to put God first. So that was sweet. We told him that he has to get married too. So yeah marriage is a proccess and it will take time, but they have great support in the fam. Vega.

One of my goals on the mission is to find an entire family and teach them and help them come closer to Christ in form of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and ultimately going to the temple, and persevering to the end. It is my my main goal as a missionary—to find a family. So I am constantly looking for that and finding this family is an answer to prayers. 

I am doing great. I love you all,

Elder Walker