Monday, November 16, 2015



I have a couple of questions and then I can move on. How did Joe ask Chloe to marry him? Where are they doing their reception? Where did Chloe get her dress and what's it like? 

Also small note, I found out that two people I found in Villa Rica got baptized. It was super funny. I was in the mission office looking at the baptism records and saw two from Villa Rica. Looked at the named and was like hmm I know them. crazy stuff. Two random people we started to talk toon the street got baptized. It reminds me to talk to everyone, especially here in Peru, because you never know. 

The work is going slow here in our area for now. We have an older lady named Guillermina, who is the only real investigator we have. She has gone to church 3 times now but it is hard for her to undertand. We have to teach very slowly with her. She is cool though and will get baptised at the end of this month or at the beginning of Dec. Other than that we are working with a lot of recent converts because the Sister missionaries left some and we already had some as well. We keep working at it though. The zone is great. Pampas is struggling because it was demoted from a branch to a family group. All of the missionaries are great though. 

I'm sorry I don't have much to say today. I'll just send more photos. Happy birthday to my sister, Chloe. Love you all,

Elder Walker

Working in the rain like a real missionary
My pensionista's granddaughter, the cutest little girl in the world.