Monday, November 23, 2015


Thanks for the great letters. That's super sad news about Ms. Ringen. She was a flaming Liberal, but I always liked her so much and especially admired the love she had for her students. Actually, she is the only teacher who has written me on my mission. She said this in response to my email,  "thanks for understanding.  you are, as always, right, walkman:  life, including a mission, is tough.  reality bites, sir.  think of you often and fondly.  thanks for getting back to me, and i promise to crush jason lyon for you.  with respect and affection (and no, i don’t use caps in email), your friend." Great lady. I will miss her. 

I love the talk from Elder Wirthlin as well and thanks for reminding me about Thanksgiving because I completely forgot. I'm going to print out your letter and read it later. 

Hey, so I spent a lot of time preparing and organizing a small memory chip I'm about to send home so sorry. I would like to know two things about politics because it's annoying and distracting to hear Peruvians talk about it. First, is Donald Trump going to be president? Do we want that? Is world war three about to break out because of a terrorist attack on France? That is the stuff I have heard and would like clarifiction. 

Anyways, quickly this week we went to Pampas to do divisions there. It went okay. Pampas is struggling as a family group, but the missionaries are great there and we have a lot of hope. We will have a zone activity together with the stake for Christmas. We were able to find and teach a few new people this week and will see what happens. More than anything we continue to work with less actives and recent converts. All good though. Tomorrow we will do divisions with Chilca and then have to go back to Huancavalica to do a baptismal interview. All good. Everyone here skips Thanksgiving (guess it is just an US thing) and is thinking about Christmas. Gratitude is so important. Love you!

Elder Walker