Monday, February 8, 2016

A Lot to Handle This Week


We are writing late because we went to La Corona del Inca for P Day, and we woke up early to go there with another zone. I have two cool pictures, but still have no way to send them to you. It is a big mountain that looks like a crown. It was fun. I'm tired right now though, and all the news from home is a lot for me to handle this week. Sometimes emailing is so hard. (BRONCOS WINNING THE SUPER BOWL!, CHLOE PREGNANT, GRANDMA'S B-DAY, CLAY DATING) my mind just doesn't process it all, and it seems today like I've really missed a lot. I had a great week, and I'm fine. More than fine, great really. Just emailing makes me feel sad today.

Needless to say I'm not gonna write a letter like last week. I was going write it better, but I ran into a guy named Yersin Puente who apparently served with Marc in Santiago. I guess they are friends. That was cool talking to him about Marc and his mission and and taking a foto. I just ran into him here at the cyber. I guess he recognized me. haha. He's been home for about 5 months. Then I had a difficult and cool experience helping one of the Elders here in the zone who is going through depression right now. I wanted to tell you more about that and ask for help, but my BRAIN IS FAILING and can't explain it right now. Broncos! Really, that is a lot for me to process. After how many years as a fan! They finally win! 

Love you, Mom. I love Chloe. Tell her that for me. I love Clay and Mare. Tell them that as well. Chou. 

Elder Walker