Monday, September 15, 2014

Good week

Hello from Cerro de Pasco, la tierra de machos y no muchos.

I’ve come to the realization that Cerro de Pasco is district 12 in the Hunger Games. There is a giant mine, life is physically difficult, and everyone works hard and lives super humbly—district 12. However, it’s cool too because the clouds are literally eye level and the stars are amazing. This week hasn’t been that cold here, but it is high. When I read out loud to my companion, I get winded. 

Last week was hard partly because we were going to Huánuco to a conference, but we had to move apartments before we left. So we looked all of Thursday for a new place, but found nothing. The zone leaders got us a place, but I won’t say anything about it. On Friday we moved left all are stuff then went to Huánuco. In Huánuco the people and even the missionaries live different than we do in Cerro and that’s all I’m gonna say. It never makes you happy to compare. Also, the work is a little difficult because there are 6 missionaries in our ward. When we arrived they had to split the boundaries. It was hard because we have the zone leaders and the hermanas in our ward. So it seemed that we got left with not much of an area, and it never makes you happy to compare. But no worries because this week has been great.

I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM. I got to baptize an 8 year old investigator of the hermanas named Antony. I was so nervous because it wasn’t only my first baptism in the mission, but first baptism ever. And I had to do it in Spanish. I probably practiced the prayer 100 times. But everything went smoothly and I managed not to mess it up. It was an awesome experience. For the first time, even though Antony wasn’t my investigator, I felt like I made a difference here. 

I have been trying not to let my mind think on things of no value (like worrying and complaining and comparing). As I’ve focused on others and on the positive, I had a much better week.

Los Amo Mucho,

Elder Walker