Monday, January 25, 2016



Everything is great over here in the Huanuco (the accent is actually on the A). It is a cool place. I'm loving it here. To be honest I never really wanted to serve in Huanuco. I wanted to go to Cerro b/c it's hard, the jungle b/c its the jungle, and Huancayo b/c it's the name of our mission. But I've never really wanted to be here. Huanuco is known for good weather, good people, good wards, good everything: the promised land. Just didn't want easy. Now that I'm here though, I like it a lot. And nothing is easy. But it is good: the food, the people, and everything. It's cool as well that I've served in the four main parts of our mission. 

The people here are super nice. A lot of people are willing to listen to us, and we teach a lot. At the same time a lot of people don't, but we we try not to focus on that. The people though don't differ that much from Huancayo or any where else in this part of Peru.

The ward is good. It is a little bit weaker than my last ward, but it has a good base with some good leaders to keep growing. I'm excited to get to work here. 

You asked about investigators and now we have a couple. 6 actually went to church, but a lot of them need to get married. But there is a lot of potential and we are working hard. 

So this week (like always) a random drunk out of nowhere started to talk to us. We tried to keep walking, but he blocked our path and we were forced to start talking to him. We ask his name, and he replied, "Obama Bid Ladin" When he said that Elder Allred and I just busted up laughing. Then when we walked away he said, "Saludos a los EE UU," or "Say hi to the USA." haha. Not sure why, but it was a super funny moment. Maybe you had to be there. haha.

HEY, SO THE BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! Interesting how no one told me. 

Sorry the usb here isn't working to send you photos of my bday and Elder Allred. Next week. Love you all.

Elder Walker