Monday, January 4, 2016



I had no idea that Whitney was going to Spain on a mission?! She wrote me today. Anyone else going on a mission that I need to know about?

Transfers are next Tuesday, which means next Monday I still won't know if I have transfers and where I'm going. It is most likely that I'm gone but to where is the question. 

Everything is normal here. Nothing much has changed. We had 3 investigators come to church and 4 less actives so that was cool. The work is good. We have consejo de lideres tomorrow again. ohh. In presidents letter he said that the new mission president got called. He is currently a bishop here in Peru, so that is exciting, but doesn't really effect me much since I will be gone before he comes. 

My new year's resolution is just to not take a breath sprinting to the finish line. To keep the habit of studying the scriptures on and after the mission. And that is about it. 

Love you all. It's cool that you got to meet Elder Lopez, he is a great guy. Hope you all have a great week and like my photos. :) show them to Anna for me. I have a video but can't send it. bummer. I will say the meat tasted like chicken. haha. 

So our Pension, Hermana Charito, wanted to make cuy for New Years for us and Hermana Charo's mom in law grows them. So on New Years they brought two live cuys to their house. And they let us kill the cuy. Then we ate it. Why did we do this? Because we were hungry! haha. It was a cool experience though. You know, got to know the culture better and stuff. 

Love you!

Elder Walker
Killed it
Skinned it
Ate it
Tastes like chicken