Monday, January 18, 2016

No Longer a Teenager

I'm 20!!!!!! AHHHHHHH You're right, I'm ancient! haha. Whatev's.  I guess since I'm not a teenager, I have to be mature and stuff right? haha. I think that I stopped being a teenager when I left on my mission. But, yes Mom, ENJOY the next three months until Anna is a teenager. I don't like the thought of her being a teenager, que miedo de verdad. 

Well, I'm in HUANUCO. (Stress on the first "a" if you put it on the second syllable you sound stupid). I'm with Elder Allred a cool guy from Salt Lake City (west side). He reminds me a lot of like a Joe Miller. He is super smart guy (went to University of Oklahoma on a full ride and studied a year of chemical engineering), and funny at the same time. He is 20 about to turn 21 in May. He has been here in this area for 4 and a half months. His last comp (Elder LIvingston) went home one transfer early because he broke his ankle.

Huanuco is a great place. It is a city right before you get to the jungle. So it is hot, but not that hot. There are some bugs, but not that many. I like it though. Our pension is an angel from heaven who gives us fresh fruit and juice for every meal. Like she knows how to cook! I love her!

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone in Huancayo. This is a picture of a cake that my pensionista in Huancayo (Hermana Charo, her real name is Rosario but the nickname here for Rosario is Charo) made me before I left. Super nice of her. I miss her and Gary her husband. 

I'm in the Tarapaca Ward and about 120 go to church, the same as my last ward. We have just started working in my area because they didn't work for 2 week here because Elder Livingston broke his ankle. So not much going on there. Love you all!!

Elder Walker

PS Tell Kim Bailey happy b day for me! haha
Maycool. I love this guy! He is such a great guy and I'm lucky to have been able to meet him and help him come unto Christ. 
Familia Poma. Going to miss them.
Saying goodbye to Elder Moss. He is a great guy. He is going to have a lot of success on his mission.
Bullock! I love this guy, too!