Monday, June 15, 2015

Service and a Baptism


Nothing about transfers yet. We will know tomorrow night what happens, but I don’t think there will be any transfers here because I need to finish Elder Grandstaff’s training. Talk about crazy though I specifically remember going to Andrew´s farewell and now he is back. It will be the first of many this summer. As of today I have 11 months in the mission! 11! What the heck I just started but at the same time so much it seems like so much has changed at home.

Speaking of the other homecoming talk, Mitchell’s. I was literally thinking about the Carter family this week, specifically the Smith family. As you can probably guess it wasn’t about Mitchell though ;) Mom, I am still mad at you and Grandma (and you can tell her that) because you didn’t introduce me earlier. You robbed me as Pam Honey would say of a perfectly good opportunity to improve my communication and mission skills ;) haha But for reals I can’t I’ve been trying to remember their names they are Sam or Sammy and what is the other one the older one at USC? Gabby? Is she married yet? Have to keep my options open.

I am so proud of you Mom for giving out a BoM keep it up! It is so true that the first time people hear the message of the Restored gospel they will probably reject it. We don’t need to get discouraged though—just keep sharing with everyone because we don’t know who the "prepared" people are until after we invite them to listen. Crazy too that Melissa is getting married. The first of many as well this summer. Cool stuff. 

We had a baptism this week with little Ariana. I don’t like to baptize niños, but when they want to get baptized and the mom wants her to get baptized who are we to get in their way. So we baptized Ariana and "rescued" the mom Madeleyne. Sweet family, who have gone through a lot. Ariana was ready to get baptized though. She knows a lot more than I did when I got baptized. It was a cool little service. I will say it was embarrassing when after a week’s notice and calling everyone on Friday, no one was at the baptism on time at 3. Then, at 3:05 Ariana and her mom showed up. Talk about the most embarrassing thing ever, being at a baptism with just you and your investigator. Then the Bishop failed to come, but luckily the 2nd counselor showed up, and an hour later everyone was there. Prayers where answered. That is one of the small differences between the church in Peru and the USA. It turned out well though.

We did a small service project and helped a member build a bathroom. Good stuff! My scouting skill definitely came in handy,

Love you lots,

Elder Walker